Well after an amazing 7 weeks away, with a dose of the old Covid in Greece, then Christmas & New Year back home in little old Aotearoa, we are back on deck and looking for mahi/galvega or simply put, work!

LA, Athens, Aegina, Dublin, Navan, Zurich, Hallau, Schaffhausen, Schonwald, The Rhine & finishing up in Phuket, what a mission but what an amazing experience & one we won’t forget anytime soon.

Maximus took his drone on tour & produced a wonderful clip for the Navan Rugby Club which his brother plays for in Ireland. He also took some amazing shots in Bauernhof Hallau, Switzerland, so keep an eye out for this vision in the coming weeks.

All one can say is goodbye & good riddance to 2022, as it was a very tough year health wise for our whanau/aiga, family.

Bring on 2023!!