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Media training to give you confidence

Media Training

Please note pricing depends on your needs and number of people –  please contact us to discuss rates.
Most people dread talking to reporters.

You’re worried about saying too much, too little or nothing at all. Pixelz offers group or one-on-one media training that gives you the step-by-step on how to nail that next media interview or deal with that pesky media person that won't go away. Our media experts are former reporters and camera crew who know the ins-and-outs about what journalists and production people need and want out of an interview.

Half or full day training.

In a world of social media and 24/7 breaking news, knowing how to handle and understand the media is vital. This interactive half- or full-day course is designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on skills to nail your next media request.

You're in safe hands.

The training is delivered by former journalists, television hosts, camera crew and producers with decades of experience. You'll leave equipped with confidence and practiced skills, ready to influence public opinion, build your connections and showcase your expertise.

Reluctant to talk to the press?
Worried about saying too much, or too little?