Malo, Kia ora & Hello

It’s been a wee while in between drinks, so I thought Id add in a bit of info & whats been going down at Pixelz. Well after a month of back surgery, complications, back in & out of ED its been hell! It’s life, sometimes one doesn’t know whats wrong with the body & or brain, & trying to get answers can be rather problematic to say the least. Pricked & prodded, GPs, Surgeons, Dr’s, Nurses, Specialists you name it I had it, but what I witnessed was a sad indictment for the NZ Health System & our Minister of Health or the world travelling PM should go spend a night in the Mapu Ward at Wgtn Public Hospital. No beds was a good starter, but no PJ’s or gowns for clients, an overflowing ED dept, nurses & Dr’s stressed, sick & over worked was plain to see. I only wish that I wasn’t as crook as I was otherwise a few snap shots might take place over the simple words on this platform. The dust on the ceiling, the filthy curtains, the loo’s were like the old Athletic Park mens, the lack of simple help like how to take a shower, where are the towels who’s my nurse why are there not enough PJ’s to go around, has that person had any food recently?

Now Im not having a go at the workers of Wellington Public Hospital. Let’s get this correct, they are all angels in disguise, doing there best to keep us safe & Im not questioning that. Ive grown up with the mind set of if your’e crook you go to hospital, they have the Dr’s & Specialists the care of a western country, a 1st world country to boot, its Aotearoa the land of the long white cloud, clean green a haven for all….unless you end up in the public health system.

The frustration that all staff at any NZ Hospital currently have would test out the strongest of people, their mental health, their stress levels their ridiculously long working hours. When will it simply collapse, I fear rather soon unless something is done to help these angles in ED.

I’m on the mend with the help of many, but I worry about the poor folk about to enter into any A&E or ED ward in this wonderful country of ours. It may take 8 hours to be seen, you might even be lucky enough to get a bed in a ward, or be floating around ED. Yes your’e hurt, yes your’e sad, yes your illness might be life threatening, but please please please don’t take it out on our health system workers, as if they leave who can we turn to????? It’s a horrible thought.

Deep breaths hang tight & thank the angels in disguise.