Check this out! What a grand story

Who we are

We decided to go into business together as Max (the son), has severe epilepsy, hearing challenges and dyspraxia and so working in a traditional role can be challenging given his disabilities. Fleur (the mother), loves candles, skin care products, and being creative, so a year ago started making products for fun starting with candles. 

This evolved to giving them to friends and family who loved them, and encouraged us to start sharing and selling them to others.  Hence the launch of Fleur’s Florals. (Fleur meaning flower in French.)  Max has designed and developed all the branding for the company which is amazing.

Any Products we sell we will give $1 to the New Zealand Epilepsy Association to assist with research and the development of education for epilepsy sufferers.

All our candles are hand-made from natural soy wax and are paraffin and palm oil-free.  We create soy candles which have essential oils blends which create both an incredible ambiance/scent in your home and will lift your mood. 

We have natural skin and bath products which pamper your skin through fragrances and beautiful moisturisers, yummy lotions and elegant creams.  They cleanse nourish and perfume your body, lips, hands and face which as well as being great for you, are also good for the earth.

You can find us here… website, instagram, facebook