We’re experienced in creating videos for multiple language audiences by working with specialists to take into account not only language but Tikanga and cultural protocols.

In our most recent project for the Ministry of Justice, the audience was everyone who is eligible for jury service across New Zealand, so the information had to be accessible to a wide audience.

We developed 4 language versions with specialists in Te Reo, Samoan, and Mandarin, with different language presenters, and subtitled to aid accessibility further. The videos were also tailored by court level (District or High Courts ) and included intros by leading Judges in each system.

In the end, from one signed-off script, we developed 8 full length videos across 4 languages which were then also delivered as shorter modules for inclusion in social media channel rotation, ensuring that as wide an audience as possible would be able to access them.

Their overall design was tailored to fit whatever screen they played on, from phones to conferences with a clear, simple but engaging design, consistent branding & colours, and engaging presenters.