Equipment hire


Pixelz has a large collection of professional equipment for hire.

Jimmy Jib

  • With an operator who has over 20 years experience.
  • This portable, one man system adds dynamic camera shots to your production.

Rates: $950 per full day

Kit 1: Sony PMW-350L XDHDCAM

  • 3x Lithium Batteries and charger
  • 14 x 4.5 Fujinon Wide Angle Lens HD
  • 1x 8GB Card
  • 2x 32GB Cards
  • 1 Red Head softbox with dimmer and stand
  • 2x Dedo with dimmers and stands
  • 1x Kobold with stand
  • 2x Radio mics and accessories
  • Vinten Vision 8 Tripod
  • Matt Box
  • HD field monitor

Rates: $450 per full day


  • 3x Lithium Batteries and charger
  • 1x 8GB Card
  • 2x 32GB Cards
  • PHU60K Hard disk unit
  • .8 Wide Angle Conversion Lens
  • 2x Radio Mics and accessories
  • Tripod and Lights optional
  • HD field monitor

Rates: $350 per day

Kit 3: DX 35/PVV3p

  • DX 35/PVV3p 16:9 / 4:3 Switchable SP camera
  • J14x8.5 Canon Std lens
  • Tripod
  • 2x 300W Lamps with dimmers and stands
  • 2x radio mics and accessories
  • 3x Batteries and charger
  • SD field monitor

Rates: $150 per full day

Misc: Sony J Series Player

Rates: $50 per day

Misc: Go Pro HD Mini Camera & accessories

  • Underwater casing provided

Rates: $50 per day

Misc: Sony Action camera

  • with accessories e.g. underwater housing

Rates: $50 per day

Please note that all prices including crews are negotiable,
please contact us to discuss rates.

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